Lendpool connects people with money that funds their dream projects. Making use of online technology Lendpool empower members to post their funding needs using campaign like style and engage in conversations with a willing audience. Adding royalties as a way of payback to contributors, this is the first initiative of its kind designed exclusively for innovative developments. Based on the facts, today only 2% of true potential life changing project get funded either through corporate or inside private groups. The rest of the real talent with great future and demonstrated capabilities is wasting for the lack of funds to continue their quest. Our main aim is to help project builders concentrate on their development while we take care of their funding needs.

Our mission is to make every project a reality. This will be accomplished by enhancing innovating services with new technology applications, expanding an all-time creative team and continuing to be the leading edge in the development of funding solutions. Customer service will be the mantra of all services on offer ever increasing the spectrum of choices for new project owners. Fund innovation everywhere.

Lendpool was born out of the insight that many creators today struggle with their deciding what to do with the lack of funding extremely necessary to continue their developments. We have found that, more often than not, these amazingly designed projects usually fade away or their progress is totally disregarded and you know what they say “Without execution one’s idea don’t mean much.” With that in mind, we recognized that there is indeed a place in today’s community based eco-system for these talented creators, and that place is here!

Since the original concept of “Lendpool” in 2014, there has been an evolution of intent which has manifested into an on-going economic and social expression consisting now of multiple projects. Lendpool has a dedicated social orientation striving to create and promote a viable solution to the present development hurdles.

As the definition of “Lendpool” states, we are dealing with “lending a hand to creators of tomorrow sharing their needs with a pool of interested participants”. Moreover, it is the goal of this project to build a strong base community that interact and relate to in a peaceful, lively, abundant, and healthy global community.

Started as a local solution to a limited funding derivative – the financial system as we know it – Lendpool.com has been through a long straw of transformative enhancements thanks to a close and fruitful collaboration with economists, analysts, investment consultants, funding bodies and tech-savvy enthusiasts.

Once online, the flood of interest began to generate. Within a couple months thousand communities of interest are showing their adherence to the project with more initiatives to be included as part of an ongoing experience.


The focus of this project is to make funding for a selected few a thing of the past; to assist individuals and communities become more fluent and worry free, to challenge and constantly improve the sustainability of the actual funding system.

Lendpool’ crew is fully committed to insuring that every user in our community is catered to. In addition, the team is constantly conversing amongst each other sharing new ideas and thoughts to accommodate you. We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts too! We hope that you enjoy our site and all of the benefits it brings to you.


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