At Lendpool we have an exciting
+ team to work with
+ place to work at
+ incentives to work for

You are
+ a sports enthusiast (bonus if you practice)
+ a world traveller
+ an artist (any form of expression like coding, design, marketing, sales, etc. )

And if you are into tech and investment we would like to talk. At Lendpool we don’t believe in jobs; everybody here believes in opportunities. That’s what you should expect.

You keep us in mind; we’ll keep you posted with new and exciting opportunities.

Speaking of there is an opportunity for everyone so why don’t you send us your thoughts on what is you are looking for, show the real you (in a video, a personal portfolio or something) and we’ll talk. The last thing we look forward to receiving from you is a resume.

You are most welcomed.

P.S. Meantime you can visit us on Linkedin